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Scary Larry: Saving Victoria / The Arm of Dr. Poulpos

Saving Victoria
Larry and Carnage are fighting over Victoria. Carnage is intent on making her one of his “Carnagettes”, brainless ghouls backing-singers for his band. But Larry is prepared to go all out to stop him: he suggests they engage in a Rock Battle, the proud victor of which will win Vic! Larry finally wins the fight.

The Arm of Dr. Poulpos
Frank has lost an arm – again! Only, this time, it really seems to be gone for good! So the band “borrows” one from the municipal Museum of Horrors. As it turns out, the member in question used to belong to Doctor Poulpos. At first, all seems to go well, the arm proving very obliging (it has a mind of its own, independently of Frank), but things go awry when Arm takes over the minds of all of our friends, except Vic. It even takes Vic hostage when the cops turn up to investigate into the museum burglary. In the end, Vic discovers Arm’s “Achilles Heel” – its own mom! Fortunately, Mom, who turns out to be a foot, in fact, promptly gets her son back into line!

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