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Scary Larry: Disturbing the Peace / Rock the Bat

Disturbing the Peace
One of the manor’s neighbors complains about the noise. Except, the only neighbor the manor has is… the cemetery! The band members go round there to negotiate an arrangement but the plaintiff – a cantankerous zombie – will hear nothing of it. They try to soften him up by inviting him round to the house. Then, they offer to soundproof his vault with egg cartons. But the band members finally find out that the grumpy old ghoul used to be a rock star and that he’d had an international hit by the name of Coffin Rock. Our friends play the song to him, sending him plummeting into a bout of bitter nostalgic grief. Then, to really make him putty in their hands, they suggest he performs as guest star at their upcoming gig. He agrees. But, at the said performance, he steals all the limelight from the band members, leaving them out in the cold!

Rock the Bat
Dracula is planning to build a community center on the spot of a natural reserve that’s home to the last albino bats in the country! Carl is outraged by the proposition; as for Vic, she intends to make the project as difficult for her dad as possible. The band members organize their offensive. They also realize that their image will be greatly benefited by their jumping on the “environment-friendly bandwagon” in this way. And so they hand out fliers, exposing the scandal, and organize a gig to support the cause. Dracula finds out about it. But, much to Vic’s surprise, instead of being mad at the band members, he actually encourages them! But when the band starts playing, the decibels give the cute little creatures in the sanctuary a mass heart attack! No wonder Dracula was so supportive: he knew that would happen all along!

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