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Scary Larry: Frank Von Simon / Nanny-Sitting

Frank Von Simon
The sister of Sigmund Von Simon (Simon’s father and Frank’s creator) has died and betrothed some of her fortune to Frank in her will. Yesss! This means pots of money! But Simon Von Simon contests that Frank is his brother on the grounds that he’s only a creature with no bloodline in common with his father! It’s going to take a court case to prove that Frank is, indeed, Simon’s sibling. Larry, Vic, Carl and Cleo go all out to prove it. But, against all odds, the aunt turns up: as it happens, she wasn’t really dead at all – she’s just a zombie! Sigmund makes an appearance too – he was just out strolling, all this time, to stretch his legs! Goodbye inheritance...

The power’s down in the whole of Fright. The IBs are stuck given that rock music requires electricity! As it turns out, the local power station has been taken over by four geriatrics who wish to protest about their living conditions. Larry and Frank intend to give them a good, stiff talking to, but when they get down there, the protest leader turns out to be none other than Larry’s former nanny! It’s a moving moment for them both as they meet up after all these years and it triggers Larry’s nostalgia button, much to the annoyance of his friends! In the end, the IBs actually team up with the oldies to back up their cause and the power station is turned into a flower-power, hippie-like camping ground! But when the cops finally take control of the situation, Larry, Vic, Frank, Carl and Cleo find themselves down at the precinct.

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