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Scary Larry: Steer Away from Heaven / The Five Cardboard Boxes

Steer Away from Heaven
Death knocks at the manor door, in search of one of the IBs. But which one? Eenie meenie miny mo… Ah, Larry! Resigned to his fate, he declares undying love to Vic. She, in turn, revives her own love for him – he is only going to be around for another 24 hours, after all!

The Five Cardboard Boxes
Our friends are researching into a strong, original image for their band. They come up with the idea of… cardboard boxes, on their heads. That’s right! cardboard boxes! The amazing thing is it’s actually very effective and they wind up signing a major contract with Gorlando. But the latter insists on them ‘singing’ to a play-back, explaining that it won’t matter anyway given that they’ll be wearing cardboard boxes on their heads and no-one will notice the difference! The IBs realize at this point that they may have gone a little too far, putting their image before the music. They decide to perform a “coming-out of the box” on stage. It’s a flop, complete with boos and hisses from the audience, and Gorlando intends to take them to court for breach of contract.

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