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Scary Larry: A Family Affair / Guru for You

A Family Affair
Larry’s parents turn up at the manor, driven out of their home by a simple termite invasion. They’re all going to have to live together under the same roof – easier said than done! Especially when Dracula starts showing an interest in Larry’s mom, and exacerbated by the fact that she actually finds the whole thing quite flattering… Larry tries to prompt his dad into winning his own wife back – not an easy feat in the face of marital routine…

Guru for You
A guru with a ludicrously-unpronounceable name approaches our friends and persuades them to adopt his positivistic philosophy of “Inversism”. This consists of doing everything backwards, to flip negative situations into win-win mode, every time! All the IBs fall for his dogma, to varying degrees. But what if the Great Guru were just one big charlatan…?

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