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Scary Larry: Payback! / Monster Business

Our friends have got themselves into a right dilemma over an unpaid debt… with local mobsters. The only way to get out of it relatively unscathed is to accept the godfather’s runt into their midst so he can live a rocker’s life alongside them! Oh no, how are they gonna get shot of him?!

Monster Business
Carl is very handy with his tentacles, making all kinds of cool objects. Seeing this talent as a good money-spinner, he and his friends start selling the objects as merchandise at their gigs - and they sell like hotcakes! The manor subsequently gets turned into a workshop and Carl becomes a hard-nosed businessman and expert marketer. This new enterprise is going great guns but they don’t have much time for music anymore! It all comes to a sticky end when they find out that the objects have been causing negative side-effects on their users due to the (toxic) material they use for energy.

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