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Super 4: Romancing the Opal / We Come in Peace

Romancing the Opal
Dr X wants to steal a magic stone from the fairies that will give one of his robots unlimited energy. Our heroes confront him and thwart his plans. But the Fairy Queen doesn’t thank them for saving her stone. On the contrary, she banishes Twinkle once again. Meanwhile, Dr X is furious. He demands revenge. Our heroes are confused: why are such intelligent people so angry? Twinkle has the answer: they don’t have enough love in their life! Our little fairy has the idea of getting Doctor X and the Fairy Queen to fall in love…

We Come in Peace
Though our heroes think they have come to repel a Sykronian invasion, they are surprised to discover Doctor X, King Kenric, the Fairy Queen and even Sharkbeard calmly drinking tea with the extra-terrestrial in Technopolis. Sykronior has come to sign a peace treaty! The Super 4 are quickly chased from the city… But they have to return when Sykronior reveals his true intentions: he is going to put all of Technopolis, and then the entire world, to sleep!

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