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The Jungle Book: Mowgli’s Sparkly / Blood Brothers

Mowgli’s Sparkly
Whilst out playing Mowgli and Lali find a sparkly necklace that has been washed downstream from the man village. Both want the necklace and, after an argument, agree to share the necklace equally, but whilst in Lali’s care the necklace is stolen by the Bandar Log. Cheel tells Mowgli that he has seen the monkeys playing with something sparkly, so Mowgli and Lali go to investigate. The monkeys drop the necklace just as Shere Kahn appears. Mowgli and Lali face the tiger, but it is with the help of the monkeys they’ve survive his attack. To end all future squabbles, Mowgli and Lali agree to put the sparkly back in the river as it’s been more trouble than it’s worth.

Blood Brothers
Mowgli plans to visit his family with Baloo and Bagheera, but Baloo gets distracted by a bee hive and gets left behind. Meanwhile, Shere Kahn forces Tabaqui to make friends with the wolf cubs and lure them to his lair. Shere Kahn knows that Mowgli will come to try and rescue them! Raksha is distraught as her cubs have disappeared, and Daruka is away on a hunting trip. After an exciting showdown, Mowgli, Baheera and the cubs escape, only to be trapped in the Cold Lairs. But, at the last minute, Raksha arrives with Daruka and the rest of the pack, and Shere Kahn is forced to back down.

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