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The Jungle Book: Survival Of The Fittest / The Day The Earth Shook

Survival Of The Fittest
Although his lifestyle involves honey, bananas and lots of naps, Baloo thinks he is very fit… which is why, following a remark made by Hathi, he challenges Mowgli and Bagheera to a series of fitness contests. It’s neck and neck throughout, until Baloo overdoes it in a weightlifting session and brings a pile of logs crashing down upon him. Mowgli and Bagheera can’t move the logs, and Mowgli has to call upon Hathi and his son to help out. Baloo is grateful and resolves to up his level of health and fitness – with a special honey treat!

The Day The Earth Shook
All the jungle animals are quiet, and it soon becomes clear why. There’s an earthquake on its way! The quake causes chaos all over the jungle, especially at the wolves’ lair where a rock-fall traps Bala and Lali. Raksha and Daruka do their best to shift the logs, but to no avail. They call on Mowgli, who realizes that a little lateral thinking is required. They have to get someone inside to help the cubs out, and that someone is Kaa! Kaa and Mowgli form an unlikely alliance to get the cubs successfully out of the cave without injury.

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