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The Jungle Book: Monkey Business / Two For The Price Of One

Monkey Business
Mowgli has challenged Phaona to a trial of bravery when the sun is at its highest. It looks as though he might be late for the meeting when he encounters a young monkey, Mani, who has got lost. It’s down to Mowgli to take him to Cold Lair. But Mani is a mischievous sort and plays tricks on Mowgli. Mowgli manages to complete both tasks…eventually.

Two For The Price Of One
Phaona sees Mowgli near the man village and complains to the pack that he is bringing danger and should be returned to the village. Akela doesn’t agree, so Phaona talks Tabaqui into setting a meeting up with Shere Kahn, whom he tells of his plan to get rid of Mowgli and Akela at the same time. Akela is lured to the pit near the man village and gets trapped. But Mowgli is there to save him and, mysteriously, so is Phaona. Mowgli is left wondering about Phaona’s real intentions.

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