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The Jungle Book: Cheel And The Mountain Fire / The Buffaloes

Cheel And The Mountain Fire
Lightening causes a fire in the mountains and a terrified Ponya runs for her life. Tabaqui discovers the exhausted Ponya but Darzee alters Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera to Ponya’s plight. Tabaqui then uses Darzee to divert Baloo and Bagheera to a false emergency involving the baby crocodiles and then lures Ponya into Shere Kahn’s territory. With the help of Cheel, Mowgli finds Ponya and Cheel saves the small panda, lifting her to safety. In the nick of time Baloo and Bagheera arrive to save Mowgli. The rain kills the mountain fire and Ponya returns to her mountain home.

The Buffaloes
Mowgli and Bagheera come across a female buffalo that has a very sick son. Mowgli offers help, but the problem is Mowgli can’t remember which berry is the right one to give to the young calf. Darzee is sent to ask Baloo. Meanwhile, Tabaqui has altered Shere Kahn to the plight of the buffaloes and they plot to get the calf and Mowgli at the same time. Darzee comes up trumps and returns with the information they need, whilst Mowgli and Bagheera foil the laid by Kahn and Tabaqui. The young buffalo is saved and he and his Mother can return to their herd.

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