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The Jungle Book: The Elephant’s Secret / Mowgli’s Number One Fan

The Elephant’s Secret
Hathi must escort the young female elephants to the secret Elephant’s Valley where their new babies will be born. Shere Kahn is aware of this and enlists Tabaqui’s help in finding the location. Meanwhile, Mowgli has come across a female elephant that is lost and escorts her to where Hathi is waiting. Mowgli follows them and sees the location, but what he doesn’t realise is that Tabaqui has followed him. Tabaqui goes to get Shere Kahn, telling him that not only is there baby elephants to be had, but Mowgli is also there. What the two antagonists don’t know is that Baloo and Bagheera have overheard their conversation. Baloo goes to get Hathi and Bagheera follows them to the valley and a huge fight ensues between him and Shere Kahn.. Mowgli encourages the female elephants to stamp their feet which causes a rock slide, and this in turn makes Kahn and Tabaqui flee the scene. The babies and are born in peace and safety, and Mowgli realises that secrets are secrets and should remain so.

Mowgli’s Number One Fan
Mowgli discovers that a young monkey named Moky thinks he is absolutely wonderful, brave and courageous. In fact, Moky Mowgli’s Number One Fan. The hero worship is fine until Mowgli wants to continue on a construction he is making for Boo and Oo, the turtles, and sends Moky back to be with his parents. Moky wanders around the jungle, only to walk straight into Shere Kahn. He calls to Mowgli for help and leads him to where the young monkey and Shere Kahn are waiting. Using the construction, Mowgli helps the little monkey to escape, but is then trapped himself. Moky’s cries have alerted his parents, and it is they and some other monkeys who save the day.

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