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The Jungle Book: Day of the Shadow / Small Is Beautiful

Day of the Shadow
Bagheera is missing and a strange panther-like creature is attacking animals in the human village. Only his shadow is seen and Hathi wonders if it’s The Black Shadow, a panther who is reputed only to eat humans. Mowgli is frightened when he is chased by a black panther, but it turns out to be his friend, Bagheera. The three heroes do some detective work and discover that the culprit is really Tabaqui, who disguised himself with mud. Mowgli also discovers the reason for Bagheera’s absence earlier in the day. He had been to round up Mowgli’s friends for a celebration to mark the fifth year of Mowgli leaving the wolf pack to go and live with Baloo.

Small Is Beautiful
Darzee wants to be brave and strong like the other big birds, but they don’t think she is able to do this. Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera try to cheer her up and invite her to go along with them. When they get to the river they find that Jakala’s son, Guzzleguts, has been kidnapped by the monkeys and they agree to help the crocodile find his son. Darzee finds the baby croc and dashes to get Mowgli, who climbs the cliffs and gets attacked by bees. It’s Darzee to the rescue again when she summons Baloo and Bagheera to help. Mowgli reaches the hole where Guzzleguts is stuck and it’s Darzee who gets into the small hole and brings out the scared little crocodile, thus proving that small can be beautiful.

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