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The Jungle Book: Show Me The Honey / Come Fly With Me

Show Me The Honey
When Baloo is climbing a mango tree and Darzi distracts him, he lands in a spiky bush and needs honey to cure his nose, so Mowgli and Bagheera go to get some. When they find Icky, she warns them a got it from someone with a bad temper and Rikki Tikki helps them.

Come Fly With Me
Watching the cranes' annual migration, Mowgli gets inspired to learn how to fly and obsessed, again to Bgheera and Balu's horror, with following them. The apes king, insulted by a dare, orders his horde to sabotage the flight experiments by fruit bombardment. Shere Kahn hopes his most elusive potential prey will practically fall into his mouth.

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