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The Jungle Book: Truth Or Dare / Bansai Bananas

Truth Or Dare
Mowgli wins races against his wolves pack mates too easily but swinging vines is contested as cheating, so the pups switch to truth or dare. The wolves regret when Mowgli sets out to take the dare uttered in jest: stealing one of Shere Kahn's whiskers. After practicing on poor Bagheera, he tries for real, but Tabaqui overheard, warned the tiger and lures Bagheera's gang away, so they can't help Mowgli who walks into a trap.

Bansai Bananas
Mowgli makes friends with Rana, a strong, intemperate warthog, who is constantly pestered by the monkeys. Trading tricks, the pair ends up in their own trap pit. The only way out is ramming a passage to the underground palace ruins basement. Tabaqui observed and informed Shere Kahn, who follows them inside.

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