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The Jungle Book: Who's Laughing Now / Home Wreckers

Who's Laughing Now
Mowgli amuses Baloo and Bagheera by imitating the hothead monkey king Masha's temper, but he lacks any sense of humor and swears revenge. The monkeys ultimately capture Mowgli and incarcerate him in a temple ruin cage. Tricks and a rescue attempt by Bagheera and Baloo yields short escapes, but they all end up caged together. Luckily, the rude king injured giant serpent Kaa, who slithers to revenge.

Home Wreckers
When Kala takes over the Cold Lair, the monkeys takes over Mowgli's home and locks Baloo and Bagheera. Mowgli decides to drive Kala away with help from Darzi, however they fail and helps Masha to get the monkeys into battle.

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