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The Jungle Book: Star Fall / Thin Skin

Star Fall
While the tigress is sick, Mowgli promises to babysit its cub, but while he sleeps it wanders out of the cave and gets spooked, so it's soon lost. Mowgli rushes to find and return it, but Shere Khan and Tabaqui are determined to seize the opportunity to eliminate the tiger's rivals and the troublesome man-child. When a 'falling star' crashes into the jungle near Shere Kahn's lair, its crater becomes the site and trap for a scary confrontation.

Thin Skin
Mowgli is amused by the clumsy battle for tree fruits between Masha's langur monkeys and Rana, whose dizzy 'dance' he imitates as a prank, but the warthog is furious and mortified when the Banderlog monkeys teach it to all jungle animals. Mowgli rushes to appease his ill-tempered friend, assisted by a single remorseful monkey, but Shere Khan and Tabaqui give chase to the temple ruin, where the primates get caught. Rana and the monkeys team up with Mowglu to deal with the predators, a porcupine and prickly ants.

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