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The Jungle Book: Missing Apu / Panther Therapy

Missing Appu
Appu, Hita and Mowgli are busy playing but Appu isn’t as good as the others. Outraged by this, he decides to play another game of hide and seek. Hita has to count while Appu and Mowgli will hide. Appu has gone hiding and as much as Mowgli and Hita are trying to look for him, they can’t find him.

Panther Therapy
Baloo, Mowgli and Bageerah are busy catching some fish. But Jakala is on his way and Baloo gets stuck in the river mud. Even as Mowgli goes ahead to help his friend, Bageerah stays put. Once Baloo is safe, Bageerah confesses that he is scared of water. Mowgli and Baloo decide to help him.

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