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The Jungle Book: Tabaqui the Hunter / Most Beautiful Bird

Tabaqui the Hunter
Tabaqui and Shere Kahn are out hunting and Mowgli and Baloo are up in a tree watching all this. Tabaqui accidently steps on a branch alerting the prey who runs away. Shere Kahn gets very furious and calls Tabaqui names, making him quit playing for Shere Kahn. Now he will have to fend for himself.

Most Beautiful Bird
The birds are at a brawl and can’t decide who the most beautiful bird is. Mowgli is forced to be the judge but he has his own conditions about the game. Rangoo begins the competition and sings operatic music which ends up ear deafening. Alyona performs a beautiful ballet dance and captivates everyone. Rangoo and Phoola however just criticize her.

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