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Scary Larry: Tooth Much Tooth Bear / The Collective

Tooth Much Tooth Bear
Simon Von Simon has a soft spot for Vic, big time! He already has Shelly, the clone gone wrong, but he wants more. Ah, if only he could have a string of that pretty Vic’s DNA! He manages to get hold of some, by accidentally breaking Vic’s teeth – disfiguring the poor girl in the process! So, it’s off to the dentist’s. But the IBs choose a cheap one (for penny-pinching purposes) and Vic winds up with bunny buck teeth! It’s going to be a challenge trying to sing without spraying the front-row fans with spittle…!

The Collective
Larry has taken his bandleader status a bit too far, getting a little too bossy for his boots. Mutiny ensues and he gets booted out by his fellow band members! Vic, Cleo, Carl and Frank decide they’ll manage themselves, democratically, making all band decisions as a collective team! Needless to say, it’s a fiasco, with every decision taking days to vote! Meanwhile, Larry starts up another band; this one is based not on music but on obedience and submission! On the one hand, the IBs miss Larry and the simplicity of the system they used to have, and on the other, Larry is dead bored with the lack of challenge in his new band. He finally comes back, determined to make an effort. Easier said than done…

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