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Scary Larry: Cousin Blok / Girl Power

Cousin Blok
Carl’s cousin, Blok, turns up uninvited at the manor. Oh dear! He might discover the hidden truth, that Carl is really a pacifist at heart! The only way around it is to make out that Carl is destroying Frightsylvania, instead. But a fluke occurs and Blok takes up rock’n’roll – to the point of addiction!

Girl Power
The guys from the band dress up as girls so as to be admitted into a females-only festival. But Evey’s there and they’re afraid she’ll recognize them. They’re going to have to be cunning. They pull it off for a while but she finally sniffs them out and strikes a bargain with them, in exchange for keeping quiet (also called ‘blackmail’!). They must act as backing singers for her, on a very cheesy song! Oh dear, do they even have a choice...?!

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