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Scary Larry: Frank's Big Secret / Guitar Obsession

Frank's Big Secret
Since becoming a bouncer, Frank has gained some new friends that Larry and the others do not exactly approve of! They imagine the worst: what if Frank is joining the army? They must save Private Frank! Larry, Carl, Vic and Cleo go all out to get him back, only to discover that Frank was not actually involved in any such activity: he has a quite different secret up his sleeve!

Guitar Obsession
Larry falls head over heels in love with a guitar in a storefront! He has to have it! He wants it and needs it and can’t live without it! When he gets it, it’s a rebirth: he cherishes it and mollycoddles it, but, before long, he starts to miss his ex-guitar! Now he wants that one back again!…. He becomes obsessed, much to his friends’ bemusement. What can they do? Especially as the ex-guitar has since been destroyed (or at least that’s what they think!).

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